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August 28 2013 4 28 /08 /August /2013 22:42

iffOne of the hardest things to do online is to meet black people that are looking for more than just sex. For some reason in our culture online dating has been something that people do if they are only looking for sex, especially on the more used websites. How can you avoid these kinds of people and instead focus on people who are looking for something more serious?


Well the best way to go about it is to go to the right sites. Sites like Fuckbook of Sex are only out there to match you with people that are looking purely for one time hookups. Not really the most ideal thing for most of us out there but if that's what you're here for then maybe this post Meeting Black Girls on Fuckbook is better suited for you.


If you're looking for a more calm kind of dating service one that has worked for me was the one they talk about at TryInterracialDating.com. It's not a site for flings, it's more of a site for long term people looking for a friend that they can spend the rest of their lives with. You won't find many people on here looking for a one nighter but you will find lots of people that are in a stable part of their lives and are looking for someone to share that time with.


Best of luck on your adventures to find love!

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June 5 2012 3 05 /06 /June /2012 02:43

iffOne of the latest trends in online dating is these new Fuckbook type sites that are popping up everywhere. Sometimes you’ll hear about one that is made just for black people but not many people know exactly what that website is. This article is going to clear that up for you and let you know what website you should consider the Black Fuckbook.


When it comes to online dating for black people or interracial dating there is no better website than Interracial Friend Finder. It is a website with tons of members and the best part is that it uses the same database as the most popular dating sites out there. That means it has the most members, more than any other interracial dating site and definitely more than any other Black Fuckbook website. There are tons of girls and tons of couples and depending on what you’re into then you won’t have any trouble finding someone for a good night on there.


Are you ready to start using the website to find a sexual match for yourself? Then go to InterracialFriendFinder.com and sign up. Then after you’ve signed up and you are logged in the first thing you should do is search for people in your area. You’ll be shocked at just how many people you find that you know from around town or are friends of your friends. Then just send them a message just like on Facebook and before you know it you’ll be setting up date after date.

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March 12 2012 2 12 /03 /March /2012 05:57

A lot of people have been trying to use Facebook for things like sex but it always ends up with you getting banned. In a iffworld where black girls are especially annoyed when you message them for sex on Facebook but they don’t mind at all if you send them the same messages on Fuckbook. Black people everywhere have been signing up to this site to see what it’s about and it is growing day by day.


What I like to do when I go there is search for people in my area. Sometimes I find girls from right down the street and I strike up a conversation with them and within hours they’re at my place doing all sorts of crazy stuff. There are lots of older women on the site too that are into younger guys and just love having sex more than anything else.


The other thing I love about Black Fuckbook is the videos that women and couples post up of some pretty crazy stuff they do in their personal lives. The videos have lots of threesomes and lots of videos with good looking people in hot situations. Try it out today and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to meet women for sex on a site that all of the women using it are looking for the same thing too. Check out Interracial Friend Finder for more info on interracial dating and to find a significant other for yourself, just click here.

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January 20 2012 6 20 /01 /January /2012 12:08

When it comes to dating online for black people, there aren’t many websites that mix both interracial dating and sex.  You can find some that are good for long term relationships and you can find some that are for sex but they don’t cater to the same crowd as an interracial one. That’s why I was so excited when I saw that they were making a black Fuckbook just for interracial dating.


I signed up and checked it out a bit but it wasn’t long until I started getting bored. It might have been there were no girls in my area (probably because I live in Canada) and I wasn’t too lucky with it. That’s when I found Interracial Friend Finder and everything changed. Unlike the other site, this one had tons of girls in my area and they all were down to hook up with a black guy. On some sites like Match and those other dating sites, the girls aren’t only not available for sex but a lot of the time they can be a little racist and only look for white guys. I didn’t have that problem at all with Interracial Friend Finder and within a week of starting to use it I was meeting girls all the time that were up for whatever I was.


Try them both out you never know which one will work better for you until you do. You can find Fuckbook at http://www.fbookofsex.com and Interracial Friend Finder at http://www.interracialfriendfinder.com Good luck and enjoy!

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December 10 2011 7 10 /12 /December /2011 09:35

I was browsing around the other day when I came across the site InterracialFriendFinder.com. After seeing the main page was pretty basic, I decided to sign up and see what it was all about. It's actually a pretty cool site. Without even paying 43.jpganything it let me search for people in my area and tons of girls I knew since highschool were getting naked and putting their pictures on there and just being total freaks.


The best part is that lots of the girls you meet are ready for sex but you can still meet those special ones that you can spend the rest of your life with. It just depends on how big the city you live in is really, the bigger the city the more likely you are to find someone that matches you perfectly and you can spend the rest of your life with. But you're pretty much guaranteed to get laid no matter the size of your city.


Try it out and leave a comment with what happened. Just click here to go there now.

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August 12 2011 6 12 /08 /August /2011 11:42



It's always been so hard to meet men online that aren't afraid of black girls.  I know they say there's no more racism but that's not what my experience has taught me.  It might not be the kind of racism where people are openly treated differently but white moms don't really like it when their son brings home a black girl.  And just to be fair, black moms aren't so crazy when their little girl brings home a white boy.  But that doesn't mean there can't be interracial dating, you just have to know where to look.  For me, I went to Interracial Friend Finder where I found tons of black people that are looking to hook up and tons of white people too.  Best thing about it is that I know that these people are looking for an interracial relationship (or a same race one if they are black) because they are on a site that offers that only.


The first time I joined there were tons of guys messaging me and I could barely get the time to answer back to them.  But slowly over time some of them stuck around while others didn't want to bother.  Oh well!  Their loss!  Anyway I went ahead and kept talking to three of the guys I met on there and sure enough after meeting all three and admittedly having a fling with all three, I settled with one of them and he's my current boyfriend.  It was free for me to join and one of the guys that messaged me and then ran away actually gave me my membership as a gift!  It was a good way to get to talking to me and if he would have stuck around I might have met him but he was one of the ones that just left after he realized I wasn't going to sleep with him on night one.  So if you're looking for a good time, a good date or a good husband or wife, try out InterracialFriendFinder.com and you won't be sorry!

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